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Wetter Widget

Wetter Widget is a weather widget generator which uses given location to generate weather widget for that location. And that widget can be incorporated in any website.

This weather widget generator offers a wide range of options to select from according to one's requirements of how one wants the widget to be.


Cherish Artz

Cherish Artz is a photography learning website including tutorials, workshops, techniques that are developed over years of work and enthusiasm of a keen and decdicated photographer.


One can also book photography sessions and also buy images on the gallery taken by the photographer herself.

Web Development

Suites Stays

Suites stays goal is to deliver an amazing experience and earn your five-star review.

  • Find and book the perfect Atlanta Short Term Rentals. Whether it’s a week long trip with your children, a business meeting, a sports events or temporary housing – suite stays have vacation rentals to suit every need.
  • You can enjoy a one of a kind, professionally managed vacation home with the best guest support so you can travel worry-free. Only the best of Atlanta Short Term Rentals.
  • Also you can rent your own property as well with suite stays. Their team thoughtfully designs and outfits every room of your property into a fully functional "micro hotel".

E-bargain store

ebargain.store is a multi vender system

  • allowing all types of general stores to sell their products through their ecommerce site.

  • which will ensure prompt delivery, fair price and best product quality.

  • which values honesty, integrity and respect for all the members of the system.

Graphic Designing, UI/UX


Lumise.com #1 Product designer tool for personalization store

  • Design, sell, and print custom products faster and more effectively than ever before.
  • Friendly interface that's easy to set up and use, saving you money and time on other important tasks.
  • Lumise support any kind of product that’s printable, ranging from a casual product like t-shirt to a small convenient thing as a business card, sticker.
Web Designing

Ready Made Content

RMC are the ready content arm of Leap Studios

They have been serving the advertising industry globally, and regionally from 2008 as a high-end imagery production house. And with the high demand on digital content, we decided to dedicate our capabilities to mass production of content that is cost efficient, versatile, and high quality.

And RMC platform will be progressive, and they keep on uploading content based on what they hear from their partners, what they observe, and inline with what is trending.



Cleanrth is a company that has been in the pest repelling and pest control business for over 20 years. As people and as a company, we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. We know this can be a frustrating issue and we want to help eliminate your pest issues with our devices and be here to help you when a stubborn problem arises.



WOKIEE is a worldwide style point for ecommerce trends.

Wokiee provide developers, owners of e-commerce sites, and their customers around the world with the best online stores.— Jerry Combo

Web Development

1 Repeller

Taking electronic pest repellers to another level, The ET Pest Control has one of the most unique designs with undoubtedly the most Powerful Techniques to get rid of your pest problem today.

DnR Technologies LLC sell the highest quality product with truly backing what they sell. DnR has set out to provide the best customer service by answering any questions about their company or their product and by providing suggestions to help their customers become pest free.

Web Designing


GPShare is a fully encrypted, fully secure, file transfer service, hosted only from within the UK. It is a service predominantly aimed at the General Practice market, however other areas of the NHS are using this platform to drive efficiency throughout their workplace. The management of GPShare have over 30 years of IT knowledge and experience, with over 10 years specifically spent in the Primary Care environment.


Pest Control Solution

Pest Control Solution is a classified website for Pest related companies only. Companies throughout the world and add their listing for free as well as paid listings on this website. Its easy to post Free Ads, and once user get registered they can also manage ads through very simple CMS. Its built to process payment through Paypal for paid listings.



If you’re dealing with a “Tougher Rodent Issue” and feel you have reached a point where your T3-R device just is not doing the job… Please Contact them and allow them to help with the repelling process. They have a Second Step Solution and a program to Power Out Tough Rodent Problems!


Cleanrth FlyLight

cleanrthflylight.com is a website created with wordpress and html5/css3. Site is basically targeting Fly Pest issues. It provides an easy to use machine which sucks the flies when they get near it. Checkout the videos on their site to learn more about this site.


Bug Repeller

bugrepeller.com is another site of the company DNR Technologies LLC. This website is developed on WordPress. There are different modules in this website like "Shop", "Blog", "Registration", etc.

This website is offering Electronic Pest Repeller which focuses on repelling pests by using Ultrasonic Sounds, Electromagnetic Technology, and Ultra Variable Sound frequencies that do not harm the environment or the health of humans. To learn more about their product you can visit the site through given link.



Medstore.at is a medical ecommerce store designed on magento using latest design techniques in accordance with the theme of the business.

MedStore equipment meets the highest safety standards. They provide the most value and maximum convenience for users and patients. They do not compromise on quality and safety. Also they have business to over 30 countries worldwide.


City Service Taxi

cityservicetaxi.com is designed using WordPress. It's an online taxi based service in Chicago, where one can book taxi with all the relevant details safely and securely. Also, they provide drivers with business oppurtunity to register with them and be a part of the team.


The Audely Family History Website

This website is related to the family history of surname "Audely". The aims of this website include:

  • To research and record family trees for each branch of the Audley Family and to make them available to all interested people.
  • To collect and make available to others  any published information related to the Audley Surname.

This Website is built usng wordPress, which makes it easy to maintain and update with time to time.

Web Designing


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